Best Heater And Cooling Fan Combo 2020

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Finding an appliance that suits your needs is great, finding an appliance that meets multiple needs is even better. We are talking about the heater and cooling fan combo units. Heaters are essential for winters and we cannot do without cooling fans in the heat of summer. Instead of having two separate appliances, why not get a combination heater and fan unit. You get to save space, save money and save the hassle of rotating them when the season changes. 

There are a number of models available on the market with a wide range of functions and differing prices. It can be daunting and confusing to choose between them. To find the best one, you will need to weigh the important considerations against the price and determine the best fit for you. If it sounds like a lot of work, do not worry because we have already done the homework for you. 

Below you will find a list of five heater and cooling fan combo units from reputable international brands with their pros and cons clearly listed.

Comparison of the Best Heater With Cooling Fan Combo

Vornado AVH101500W (High)
750W (Low)
39dBCompactNo5 Years
Asterion Ceramic Heater1500W (High)
900W (Low)
45dBCompactYes1 year
Dyson AM091500W 40dBTowerYes2 years
Lasko 7542001500W (High)
900W (Low)
50dBCompactNo3 years
OPOLAR Ceramic Heater1500W (High)
1000W (Low)
50dBCompactNo1 Year
Comparison of the Best Heater With Cooling Fan Combo

You’ll also find a buyers’ guide where you can read our rationale when deciding how to rate these products, and hopefully you can use it yourself when making future purchases.

In a Hurry? This Is Our Winner!

Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater

Best Overall Heater With Cooling Fan Combo Unit

The Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater measures 11.7” x 9.3” x 12” and weighs 4.8 lbs. It runs on 1500W and is backed with a 5 year warranty. There are two heat settings, Low (750W) and High (1500W) to cater to different heating needs so that you never have to waste electricity when heating rooms of different sizes. An all season appliance, the Vortex Heater also has a fan-only option for the warmer months. 

For temperature control, it comes with a programmable thermostat on a digital display for easier adjustments and reading. There is no guesswork involved like other heaters using adjustable knobs without any numerical display. A special feature that the Vortex Heater boasts is the Auto Climate Control which intelligently senses how much heat and circulation is needed to maintain the temperature that you have set. As the owner of this smart heater, you can just set your preferred temperature and let the heater do its magic. Hands off and hassle free!

Safety wise, the Vortex Heater has the usual tip-over and overheating protection which will shut off the heater when it’s knocked over or has a risk of overheating. If you have children or pets, you can rest easy knowing that this heater is designed with a cool touch exterior and the grille gap is small enough to prevent wandering fingers from going in.

This heater also comes with an integrated carrying handle to provide easy portability. It helps also that the heater is extremely light and compact for transportation between rooms. While not the lightest, this heater is still one of the most portable heaters made.

For a fan heater, this is also one of the quietest models available on the market. It generates a noise of about 35 dB to 39 dB when the fan is on and the noise is barely noticeable. Suitable in the bedroom and study room, you won’t even notice that this heater is on!

However, what really tipped me towards the Vortex Heater is their 5 year warranty. This goes to show just how confident the company is when manufacturing this product. Having a unit with a long warranty gives users the peace of mind that any malfunctions can be sorted out and hence they can use the product with trust and confidence. 

With such a wide range of functions and features, it is no wonder that the Vortex Heater has a higher price point than most other fan heaters. However, if you have the budget, I would strongly recommend the Vortex Heater!


  • 5 years warranty
  • Tip-over and overheating protection
  • Light and compact
  • Safe for children and pets
  • 2 different heat settings for different weather
  • Auto temperature control


  • High price point

What their fans love: “This is a really excellent, dependable and quiet and very high quality heater. The digital control is superb and maintains a very even temperature in the room. The unique design of the heat circulation system really works well because the temperature is remarkably even if you are near the unit on or on the other side of the room. Yes, this was more expensive then some comparable units, but you get what you pay for.”

Best Heater And Cooling Fan Combo Buyers’ Guide

The Size Of Your Room

An important consideration when choosing your heater and cooling fan combo is the size of the room you want to heat up. It is crucial to size your heater properly so that you can maximize the heating capacity of the heater. For instance, you do not want to get a heater with a very high wattage for a small room. That would be overkill and not energy efficient. On the contrary, you also want to avoid getting a mini space heater if you want up a large living room. Most likely, you would end up disappointed as the small heater is just unable to heat up a large room

As a general rule of thumb, the ratio to consider is 10 Watts to 1 square foot of space. In theory, a 1500 Watts heater will be sufficient to heat up a room size of about 150 sq feet. When choosing your heater, do have a rough estimate of the room size you are heating up.

When we spoke about the power-space ratio in the previous paragraph, it was with the assumption that you have a ceiling height of about 8 feet. Therefore, for anything above 8 feet, the rule of 10 watt to 1 square foot does not apply. You would need to increase the wattage of your space heater an extra 25 percent for every 2 feet of extra ceiling space.

Room Insulation

If you live in a poorly insulated apartment or have a faulty window that lets in cold air, you will also need to factor in for greater wattage. Typically, an increase of 20% wattage would be a good place to start depending on how poor the insulation is. Alternatively, you can consider a second space heater in the same room.

If you want to find out how to effectively size your space heater, check out our FREE space heater sizing calculator here for a quick answer.

how to size a space heater

Noise Level

When choosing a heater and fan combo, we definitely need to talk about the noise level generated by the fan. In any fan-forced heater model, there will definitely be moving components due to the fan blades and with this comes noise. Sound or noise is typically measured using decibels (dB) and depending on the make of the heater, the noise level can go up to as high as 60 dB.

For an estimate of how 60 dB sounds like, have a look at the infographics below!

noise decibel chart

The safe limit recommended by experts at the US Environment Protection Agency is 70 dB but that is relevant for workspaces only. In our homes, a reasonable limit to aim for would be anything below 40 dB. This is especially so if you are planning to use the heater in your bedroom, study room or a baby nursery. Having a quiet heater in these rooms is crucial for getting good rest and improving concentration. 

If you like to find out more about the health effects of prolonged exposure to loud noises, do check out our post on how noise pollution affects your health!


Having an oscillation feature allows your heater fan combo unit to deliver the warmed or cooled air to different parts of the room effectively and rapidly. If you are just looking for a pure heater then this feature might not be that crucial. However, if you are looking for a cooling fan feature then this feature makes all the difference. 

This is because in the colder seasons where we are using the heater, we usually keep the room enclosed with windows shut and the warmed air can slowly heat up the whole room and everyone can enjoy the warmth. However, during the summer months, we are going to keep our windows and doors open to ventilate the room. Therefore, if the fan does not oscillate, other people in other parts of the room will never get the cool air coming to them. Hence, the importance of oscillation in your heater and cooling fan combo unit!

Heater Design

Heater and cooling fan combination units usually come in two configurations. Tower and compact. Each design has its own pros and cons which you can read about in the section below.


I am sure you can already imagine it already. A tower ceramic is tall and narrow. This design allows the tower heater to be placed in homes that are more compact and has less flooring real estate. Most tower heaters come with an oscillating feature that allows the warmth to be distributed evenly around the room. The disadvantage of a tower heater comes from its height, making it more unstable and more prone to getting tipped over. Fortunately, most heaters from reputable brands have tip over protection that shuts off the heater if it gets knocked over. 


These heaters are the most portable out of the lot because they are generally small and light. They usually come with handles as well for easy handling by the user. These heaters are especially useful for people who tend to move around frequently between rooms. Because of the size, they are not meant to provide heat for the whole room. However, they are great personal heaters or fans and will keep you warm/cool as long as you position them nearby enough.


Another consideration that I value greatly when choosing a heater and cooling fan combo is the length of warranty that comes with the unit. These units are all season and will be used throughout the year. These heater and cooling fan combo units will be subjected to periods of prolonged use and their longevity will be tested. Having a unit with a long warranty gives users the peace of mind that any malfunctions can be sorted out and hence they can use the product with trust and confidence.

Usually having a long warranty is also a sign of quality because the manufacturers have so much confidence in their product that they know it will perform well even under stress and extreme conditions.

Why You Need A Heater And Cooling Fan Combo

Value For Money

Getting a heater and fan combo is usually cheaper than getting separate units of heater and fan. The combo unit will serve the same purposes for a lesser amount of money. The only catch is that most combo units identify themselves first as a heater. Therefore, these units do a much better job at heating than cooling. However, these combo units still do a decent job in cooling and are already much better than units which do not even come with a fan-only function. 


As the colder months approach, we usually have to do some winter preparations in our homes and lugging the heater out from storage is probably one of the items on our checklist. Sometimes it may be difficult to locate these heaters especially if they are small and compact and usually they are stored deep inside the storage area. 

If you own a heater and cooling fan combo, it is likely that the unit is still there in your living room because you have been using it throughout summer as well. Just plug it in and keep using it throughout the year. They are suitable for all seasons and you never have to worry about storage for them.

Best Heater And Cooling Fan Combo Product review

Asterion Ceramic Heater

Best Energy Efficient Heater With Cooling Fan Combo

The Asterion Ceramic Heater measures 8.9 x 6.8 x 13.3” and weighs 3.4 lbs. This heater comes with a 1-year warranty. This is a ceramic heater that uses convection to heat up the room. It does this by having a fan blow air over the heated ceramic to warm the air which then goes into heating up the room.For heating purposes, there are three heat settings; 1500W (High) and 900W (Low) and ECO mode. These allow you to adjust your heat according to the needs of the room. Other functionalities include a freeze mode that runs at 45℉ to prevent freezing temperatures and a digital display that allows easy reading and adjustments. There is also a fan-only mode which gives you more flexibility during the warmer seasons.

On the safety aspect, this heater comes equipped with tip over protection which turns the heater off automatically when knocked over by pets or children. There is also an overheating protection which guards against fires that arises from overheating. The heat dissipation and exhaust design of this heater prevents the exterior from becoming too hot which may then cause accidental burns. Approved by ETL certification, you can be assured that this heater has met all the stringent safety requirements imposed by North American authorities.

In terms of portability, one can’t argue with how compact this heater is. Weighing just under 4 lbs, this heater can be carried easily by a single person between rooms and even between levels. It also helps that there is a convenient carrying handle that facilitates the handling.

With a noise output of 40dB to 45dB, the Asterion ceramic heater can be considered a quiet heater suitable for use in the bedroom or study room. 

When judging the convenience, this heater comes with a remote control that allows you to make adjustments from the comfort of your couch or bed. This is great for seniors who may have mobility issues and find it difficult to make changes physically. Having an oscillation feature also greatly improves the score of this heater. The 72 degrees oscillation gives users the flexibility they need and allows this heater to heat up the room evenly.


  • Multiple heating modes to suit different conditions
  • Eco-mode for energy savings
  • All rounded safety features
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • LED display makes for easy reading and adjustments
  • Oscillation improves heat distribution
  • Quiet fan ~45dB


  • Has a strong pungent odor when using for the first time
  • Tip over switch is not so sensitive on carpeted floors

What their fans love: “Wow, for its size, this heater is amazing. I’m using to heat a small bedroom. It’s able to keep me really toasty when I’m at my desk, but it also heats the rest of the room really well since it rotates! Honestly, I have no complaints about it. I would highly recommend!l”

Dyson Jet Focus Fan Heater AM09

Best Tower Heater With Cooling Fan Combo

The Dyson AM09 Fan Heater measures 8” x 6” x 23.4” and weighs 5.9 lb. It has a 1500W wattage and comes with a 2 year limited warranty. This heater is the only one in this review to earn a Quiet Mark certification which is an international approval body for the quietest appliances on the market. The Dyson AM09 is one of two fan heaters to achieve the Quiet Mark Certification. Upon testing, the Dyson AM09 measures about 40 dB at the highest fan setting and goes down to near silence at the lowest fan setting. For a fan-forced heater, this is an engineering feat and this heater definitely belongs in this review of the best quiet heater.

For functionality, this unit is actually both a heater and a cooling fan with the ability to blow out air with temperatures ranging from 32℉ to 99℉ (0°C to 37°C). Because it is a fan forced heater with oscillation properties, this heater will be able to heat up a large sized room quickly and evenly. For homeowners who might not want to run the heater the whole night, there is a sleep timer that runs up to 9 hours. With so many properties and features, Dyson was unable to incorporate all these controls on the heater itself and that is where the remote control comes in. Remote controls are notoriously easy to lose but fortunately Dyson has created a magnetic area at the top so that your remote control will never go missing again! 

In terms of safety, Dyson products have the edge because they have no fan blades at all and there is just no danger of getting injured by spinning fan blades. The heating element is also not exposed and it has been engineered to never exceed a maximum of 200°C. 

When judging the portability, this heater is light and compact which makes it easy to move around the house. Boasting a sleek tower design, this heater will also fit nicely into any home decor and may even be a talking point when you have guests over. As with all tower heaters, the Dyson AM09 also has an oscillation feature which allows it to distribute the warmed or cooled air throughout the room efficiently.

As you can tell by now, this amazing heater hit all the right notes for a quiet and effective heater. The only limitation is the high price point that comes with all these great functionality. However, if you are looking for quality then this heater is the one for you!


  • Great safety features with bladeless fan
  • Quiet Mark certification
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Magnetized storage for remote control
  • Programmable thermostat from 32℉ to 99℉
  • Sleep timer up to 9 hours


  • High price point

What their fans love: “I do think it is worth the money. It is super light, very easy to assemble, it produces warm air within seconds, and very quiet. I would say it appears to be much safer than a conventional heater. Also can auto-shut off when reaching the target temperature.”

Lasko 754200 Portable Ceramic Heater

Best Portable Heater With Cooling Fan Combo

The Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater measures 6 x 3.7 x 9.2” and weighs about 3.5 lb. It runs on 1500 watt power and comes with a 3 year warranty. This small ceramic heater has been in the market since 2010 and yet still remains one of our top picks. This is due to its reliability and its affordable price range. These 2 properties combine to give us the best value for our buck. 

It comes with 3 settings, high heat (1500W), low heat (900W) and fan only, making this an all-season heater/fan combo unit to serve you throughout the year. As a no-frills kind of heater, it comes equipped with an adjustable thermostat knob that allows the user to choose from a total of 11 different temperatures. With such a wide range of settings, homeowners will have no issues personalizing their heating needs with this heater. However, do expect some guesswork because there is no specific reading as to the exact temperature. 

In terms of convenience, this heater comes fully assembled and ready for use once you get it out of the package. The handling is also superb with a carry handle that makes carrying this heater a breeze. It helps tremendously that this heater is such a lightweight at only 3.5 lbs. Anyone including a kid will be able to transport this heater around. The Lasko 754200 is our pick for the most portable heater and cooling fan combo unit.

Perhaps the one gripe I have with this unit is the noise generated by the fan. It can generate about 45dB to 50dB when the fan is running. Fortunately, it does sound pretty similar to white noise and should not disturb anyone once you zone it out. However, for homeowners who are really light sleepers, this may not be suitable in the bedroom.


  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Great affordability 
  • Wide range of temperature setting to choose from
  • Cool-touch exterior prevents accidental injury
  • Has overheat protection
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Fan may be noisy at the highest setting
  • More suitable for a small room

What their fans love: “My wife and I are extremely pleased with this heater. It is attractive, has a very small footprint and great safety and adjustability features. And does it ever put out the heat!”

OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater

Best Budget Heater With Cooling Fan Combo

The OPOLAR ceramic space heater measures 7.1 x 5.9 x 11.1” and weighs 3.5 lbs. It runs on 1500 Watt power and comes with a 1 year warranty. This is a compact heater that is extremely portable and can be transferred between rooms easily as per your needs. The power setting can be adjusted between 1500 watt (high heat) or 1000 watt (low heat) to cater to your different heating needs. It also has a fan-only mode which makes it useful even during the hotter months of the year. 

With regards to the temperature control, the OPOLAR ceramic heater comes with an adjustable thermostat knob that has a total 10 temperature settings. With such a wide range of settings, homeowners will have no issues personalizing their heating needs with this heater. However, do expect some guesswork because there is no specific reading as to the exact temperature.

In terms of safety, this heater has the usual tip-over and over-heating protection which means it will shut off automatically when parts of the heater overheat or when it is tipped over. We do like that this heater has a very broad and steady base that makes it pretty unlikely for it to be tipped over. This is great if you have pets or young children at home.

One limitation of this heater though is the noise produced by the fan. It can go as high as 50 dB at the highest fan setting and this might be too loud for use in the bedroom or study room. 


  • Broad steady base makes it pet friendly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Has grab handles for easy transportation
  • Tip-over and overheat protection


  • Only has a 1 year warranty
  • Does not work well on carpeted floor as the safety switch cannot be depressed properly on soft ground
  • Noisy fan

What their fans love: “I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t last this winter without this. Automatic temperature adjustment system saved me from all the hassle I have to deal with to turn the heater off and on.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are Heating Fans Safe?

A: Yes, the models reviewed in our guide are totally safe. All of them have tip-over and overheating protection with cool touch exterior technology. The fan blades are either not exposed or covered with a tight grille that does not allow fingers to pass through. Therefore, these heater fans are safe for homes even if you have pets or young children around.

Q: Why Are Fan Heaters Bad For You?

A: Fan heaters may dry out the air excessively due to the continuous flow of air generated by the fan. Lowering the humidity may cause some users to get worsening of their asthma or eczema. In such cases, homeowners should consider getting an oil filled radiator or a heater with humidifier combo.

Recap Of The Best Heater With Cooling Fan Combo Units

Vornado AVH101500W (High)
750W (Low)
39dBCompactNo5 Years
Asterion Ceramic Heater1500W (High)
900W (Low)
45dBCompactYes1 year
Dyson AM091500W 40dBTowerYes2 years
Lasko 7542001500W (High)
900W (Low)
50dBCompactNo3 years
OPOLAR Ceramic Heater1500W (High)
1000W (Low)
50dBCompactNo1 Year
Comparison of the Best Heater With Cooling Fan Combo

Wrapping it up

Of the 5 products we reviewed, the Vornado Vortex Heater was our favorite heater with cooling fan combo for home owners. Besides it’s great portability, this heater has a good balance of heating efficiency, safety features and functionality. The price point is also reasonable considering the functionalities it provides. All in all, we believe that this is a great heater that you should not miss.

The Asterion ceramic heater is a very close second and it performs as well as the Vornado heater. If it had a longer warranty, it would definitely be our top choice.

Click here to get one now!

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