Top 5 Best Humidifier For Dry Eyes 2020

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An estimated 7.8% of people in the United States are diagnosed with dry eyes. That is a whooping 16 million people who suffer from dry itchy eyes that always feels like there is a grain of sand in there which just cannot be removed. If you are one of them then you definitely have to read on to find out how you can manage this annoying problem and keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.

Dry eyes happen because there are insufficient tears to lubricate the eyes. This can occur when there is insufficient production of tears or when tears are being removed at a rapid rate. Rapid evaporation of tears can happen because of excessively low humidity and this is something that is completely preventable.

With just a little investment in a humidifier, you can help your eyes stay wet and healthy. While most humidifiers would work, some are better than others and this is where we come in. We studied the current models on the markets and picked out the best models for you. Say goodbye to dry eyes once and for all!

Below, you will find a list of 5 best humidifiers from reputable international brands, all geared towards management of dry eyes, each with their pros and cons clearly stated.

Warm Mist/Cool MistCoverage AreaInbuilt
Ease of cleaning
Taotronics TT-AH018Warm + Cool450 q. ft.YesEasy
Levoit LV600HHWarm + Cool753 sq. ft.YesModerate
Elechomes SH8820Warm + Cool755 sq. ft.YesModerate
Venta LW45 AirwasherCool860 sq. ft.NoEasy
Dyson AM10Cool 200 sq. ft.YesModerate
Best Humidifiers For Dry Eyes

You’ll also find a buyers’ guide where you can read our rationale when deciding how to rate these products, and hopefully you can use it yourself when making future purchases.

In a Hurry? This Is Our Winner!

TaoTronics TT-AH018 Warm And Cool Mist Humidifier

Best Overall Humidifier For Dry Eyes

Product Overview

  • Coverage area: 450 sq. ft. / 40 sq. m.
  • Water tank capacity: 1.45 gallons / 5.5 litre
  • Essential Oils Compatibility: No
  • Refilling: top fill
  • Running time:45  hours
  • Dimensions: 10.2” x 8.07” x 12.6”
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs

The TaoTronics TT-AH018 warm and cool mist humidifier is an ultrasonics humidifier that can produce both warm and cool water vapor to humidify the room. While not technically a steam vaporizer, it does contain a heating element to produce warm mist that can reach temperatures of 60°C / 140°F. For consumers like me who could never decide whether a cool mist or warm mist was better, this is perfect. As an ultrasonic humidifier, there is no fan required and hence this unit is pretty quiet. It registers about 35 dB while it is operating and is a good fit for a bedroom and light sleepers. Leave it in your room while you sleep and you won’t ever wake up with dry eyes and dry throat again!

With a coverage of about 200 to 450 sq. ft., this humidifier is good for a medium sized room and can run up to 45 hours between refills. For refilling, this is a top fill humidifier and refilling is easy and convenient. Just pull up the top lid and pour water in. 

Other features include a touch screen LED display for style and easy handling. The settings may be adjusted to customize mist output, mist temperature and also the humidity level. As with any good humidifier, this model comes with an inbuilt humidistat that allows it to determine the room humidity and adjust the humidity according to the user’s preferences. There are also two 360° nozzles which enable the user to direct the mist where they want it.

As with most ultrasonic humidifiers, there will be white dust generated from this unit because of the mineral contents in the water. As much possible, it is advised to use distilled or filtered water rather than hard water. That might be a little bit more troublesome for users but if you do not mind cleaning the humidifier slightly more frequently, hard water is fine as well!


  • Has warm and cool mist for different seasons
  • Able to customize mist temperature to suit one’s needs
  • Quiet during operation
  • Long running time between refills
  • Top fill makes for easy refilling


  • Not compatible with essential oils
  • Generate white dust during operation

What the fans love: “This humidifiers works excellent for my large master bedroom. It has a large water tank so I do not need to change the water everyday. The part I love most is that it comes with sleeping mode which is really quiet. The design is awesome. It is easy to set up with a phone and to clean inside of the tank. Highly recommend this humidifier. “

Best Humidifier For Dry Eyes Buyers’ Guide

Do Humidifier Work For Dry Eyes

Yes! A resounding Yes! Humidifiers work wonders for dry eyes. As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, dry eyes occur when there is insufficient tears in the eyes for lubrication. The tear film on the surface of the eye is essential to prevent abrasion of the eye which gives you that gritty annoying sensation in your eyes. 

Insufficient tears can happen when there is poor production of tears or when tears are lost at an accelerated rate. While tear production issues are usually medical problems, accelerated loss of tears are generally attributed to environmental factors. Excessively low humidity in the ambient air can cause increased evaporation of the tear film resulting in dry eyes. 

Therefore, the simple act of humidifying the air with a humidifier can instantly reverse your dry eyes if low humidity is the problem. Forget the constant hassle of eye drops. Just turn on the humidifier and let it work its magic.

What Is The Best Humidity Level For Dry Eyes

The most ideal and most comfortable humidity level to aim for is between 40% to 60% relative humidity. Studies have shown that this is the most optimum range of humidity for human health and comfort. 

While it may seem logical that higher humidity will be better for dry eyes, the effect on tear evaporation only works to a certain humidity level. Anything beyond 60% will not significantly reduce the rate of tears evaporation from the eyes. Moreover, excessive humidity can cause other problems like increased growth of mold, fungus and viruses. 

For more information on the best humidity levels to keep in your homes and the scary effects of humidity, hop on to our post over here!


What Type Of Humidifier Is Best For Dry Eyes

Humidifiers can be broadly categorized into 4 main types

  • Evaporative
  • Ultrasonics
  • Steam Vaporizer
  • Air washer

While each type of humidifier has its pros and cons, homeowners will be glad to know that there are no specific type of humidifiers that are just for dry eyes. In other words, all 4 types of humidifiers can be used if you are suffering from dry eyes. However, each type has their own unique selling points that may be applicable to other aspects of your life. Do read on to find out more. However, if you need answers fast, you can just check out the table of comparison below!

Evaporative HumidifierUltrasonic HumidifierSteam HumidifierAir Washer
Mode of humidificationEvaporation Ultrasonic vibrationSteamEvaporation
Cool/Warm MistCoolCan be bothWarmCool
Contains fanYesNoNoSometimes
Contains filterYesNoNoSometimes


In essence, evaporative humidifiers work by evaporation of the water in the humidifier and releases it as a cool mist. Inside most evaporative humidifiers is a wick that absorbs the water in the humidifier. A fan then evaporates the water in the wick giving us water vapour and increasing the humidity in the room. For those who are unfamiliar with what a wick is, it is a porous cylindrical structure that has a large surface area which allows maximum water absorption and water evaporation.

The wick also acts like a filter to filter out any impurities or contaminants in the water being used in the humidifier. Due to the presence of this wick filter, the type of water used in an evaporative humidifier is less restrictive than an ultrasonic humidifier which does not use a filter. Generally, you can use normal tap water in an evaporative humidifier without any issues. Wicks are usually quite large in size and therefore you will find that most evaporative humidifiers are bulkier in size and also heavier.

Another advantage of evaporative humidifiers is that it can never over-humidify the air because it works by evaporation. If the ambient air is already saturated with water, evaporation will not be able to occur no matter how much the fan blows at the water. 

The purchase cost of an evaporative humidifier is usually the lowest among the different types of humidifiers but the operating cost is the highest from the replacement of wicks and filters. It is recommended that filters be replaced every 3 to 6 monthly depending on the usage of your humidifiers. Different humidifiers may also have different recommendations so it would be best to check in with the manufacturers if you are intending to get an evaporative humidifier.

Evaporative humidifiers also tend to be louder due to the running fan that is used to evaporate the water in the humidifier. Some humidifiers can register noise level up to 50 dB at their highest speed settings. If you are intending to use your humidifier in your bedroom or if you are very sensitive to noise then an evaporative humidifier may not be for you.

Steam Humidifiers/Vaporizer/Warm Mist

Vaporizer humidifiers basically boil the water in the humidifier into steam before releasing it into the air. As you can probably imagine, the mist from a vaporizer can get quite hot and hence it is also known as a warm mist humidifier. Vaporizer or warm mist humidifiers are very popular among homeowners suffering from allergies or asthma because the warm mist usually has a more soothing and comforting effect on sensitive airways than cool mist humidifiers. 

Due to the heating of the water in the vaporizer, most bacteria in the water are also eliminated and the mist coming from these humidifiers are generally cleaner and healthier compared to an ultrasonic humidifier. 

Vaporizer steam humidifiers typically do not come with fans and hence there are no moving parts. Therefore they are usually silent and fit the bill for a quiet humidifier. 

Vaporizers typically do not have filters and can be considered if you need a filterless humidifier.

If you prefer a steam humidifier instead to have cleaner air, check out our guide here on how to choose the best steam humidifier!

Ultrasonics Humidifier 

An ultrasonic humidifier is a nebulizer that uses high frequency vibrations to break water down into ultra-fine droplets which then get released into the air as a mist. Depending on the specific model, the mist may be a cool mist or a warm mist. An easy way to see if a humidifier is an ultrasonic humidifier is to see if there is a mist plume coming out from the model. If there is a mist plume, it is usually an ultrasonic humidifier. 

An ultrasonic humidifier does not have a wick like an evaporative humidifier and typically does not have any filter as well. As such, they are usually less bulky and lighter. However, because of the lack of a filter to absorb impurities and contaminants, it is recommended to use either distilled water or filtered water in the humidifier. If hard water such as tap water is used, ultrasonic humidifiers may dispel white dust into the air due to the mineral contents in the water. 

Ultrasonic humidifiers have the highest humidity output among all the types of humidifier because it actively breaks down water into fine droplets and forcefully discharges it into the air. Theoretically, there is the risk of over-humidifying the air but most humidifiers have an inbuilt humidistat to prevent that from happening.

In terms of price, ultrasonic humidifiers usually cost more upfront but have the lowest operating cost because there is no need for filter replacement every 3 to 6 months. 

Ultrasonic humidifiers also do not typically come with fans and do not contain much moving parts. They are usually pretty quiet during operation and generally do not register noise levels above 40 dB. 

Are you a light sleeper? Check out our post on the quietest humidifiers on the market now!

 Air Washer

Air washers are 2-in-1 appliances that combine a humidifier and an air purifier together in one unit. Besides being able to control the humidity in the air, air washers also clean the air by filtering large particles, pollen and contaminants from the air. With a combination of these two functions, the indoor air quality in your house will be maintained at a comfortable and healthy level. For those suffering from asthma or allergies, this might be your best bet yet.

In order to perform the air purification and humidification, airwashers usually have inbuilt fans and discs. These moving parts contribute the higher noise levels that are seen with airwasher.

Coverage Area

When choosing your humidifier, you need to find out the size of your room as accurately as possible to avoid disappointment. The easiest way to find out the size of your room is to measure the length and breadth of your room and then multiply them together.

Once you have an idea of the actual size of your room, you can look at the models of humidifiers that you are interested in. Almost all manufacturers will list down the coverage area of their humidifiers in the product overview. These give you a good indication of what size room the humidifier is best for. 

When looking at these values provided by the manufacturers, I would probably round them down by about 20%. For example, the manufacturer may say that the humidifier can cover an area of 1000 sq. ft. but I would take away 20% from that and estimate the coverage area to be about 800 sq. ft. This is because these values were probably measured in an ideal environment where there are no leaks or drafts in the room. In real life, we may have leaky windows, wall cracks, door gaps that may contribute to the loss in humidity.

Is Cool Mist Or Warm Mist Better For Dry Eyes

If I have to choose between the two types of mist for my humidifier, I would go with warm mist. Warm mist is generated by boiling water to get steam and this process of boiling can remove harmful bacteria from the water before releasing it into the air. Since the humidifier does not have a humidifier to remove pollutants, boiling it helps to reduce some of the bacteria load that may be in the water.

That being said, do not get overly worried because you own a cool mist humidifier now. If you use clean water and maintain your humidifier regularly, there would not be much harmful pollutants or bacteria in your water anyway.


For those  intending to use the humidifier in different rooms in the house or transporting  it between your office and home then portability becomes an important consideration to watch out for. 

Evaporative humidifiers and air washers are usually bulkier and heavier due to the extra components they have in their bodies and this reduces their portability. These units may be better suited for a fixed position in a house or room. 

Ultrasonic humidifiers and vaporizer are generally more compact and lighter and can be transported between rooms easily. 

Ease Of Maintenance

This refers to the ease of refilling water and the ease of cleaning. Most humidifiers will require a refill of water every 24 hour depending on the capacity of the water tank. For something that you have to do frequently, it makes sense to find a model that allows easy refilling that is fast, efficient and neat. Usually, a top refill model is easier to do refilling as you just need to cover the top lid and pour in water. Generally, bottom refills tend to be messier and more of a hassle.

Humidifiers usually need a good thorough wash once every week. Depending on the model of the humidifier, the cleaning may take anything from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. When choosing a humidifier that is easy to clean, avoid units with many components or units with many small parts that are difficult to access. Some models come with specialized brush to allow users to reach difficult to access areas. The water tank should have a large access hole which allows the users to place the whole hand in for easy scrubbing.

If a humidifier cannot be cleaned properly, there will be buildup of lime, mold and fungus and these particles can get released into the air when the humidifier is working. 

When choosing a humidifier for something so sensitive such as the eyes, definitely go for a unit that can be cleansed easily and thoroughly. This ensure that the water that is released is clean, fresh and healthy. 


Almost all modern humidifiers from reputable brands have an inbuilt humidistat. They allow users to determine a target humidity level and the humidifier will automatically shut off or start up as required to maintain that level. 

Running Time

For homeowners looking for a humidifier to use overnight during their sleep, the wise thing to do is to find a humidifier that can at least run continuously overnight without the need for a refill. Homeowners can look at the running time of the humidifier when choosing their humidifier. At least 12 hours on their highest setting is recommended for overnight usage. Some units boast a long running time but only on the lowest setting. So… read the fine print!

Best Humidifier For Dry Eyes Product review

Levoit LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier

Best Large Room Humidifier For Dry Eyes

Product Overview

  • Coverage area: 753 sq. ft. / 70 sq. m.
  • Water tank capacity: 1.5 gallons / 6 litre
  • Essential Oil Compatibility: Yes
  • Running time: 24 – 36 hours
  • Dimensions: 11.3’ x 7’ x 10.5’
  • Weight: 4.92 lbs

The Levoit LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier is a dual mist humidifier that can put out both warm and cool mist depending on your settings. Covering an area of 753 sq. fr, this is an extremely powerful humidifier that can work well in a large room. Powered by ultrasonics, this humidifier does not have a fan and is whisper quiet. It registers a mere 35 dB when it is operating on the highest setting and it is barely discernible. This makes it a perfect choice for a humidifier in a bedroom.

In terms of functionality, this humidifier comes with an auto mode which does the heavy lifting for you by automatically adjusting the humidity to a comfortable level. However, if you would like to customize the humidity level yourself, you can also pick an exact percentage and adjust it until you find your preferred humidity level. 

For homeowners who sometimes forget to do a refill, you will really appreciate the auto shutoff that kicks into place when there is no more water left in the tank. For users who use aromatherapy, you will be thrilled to know there is an aroma box for your essential oils in this humidifier.

Regarding the ease of use, I have mixed feelings about the Levoit LV600HH. The remote control is a nice feature which allows homeowners to adjust the settings from the comfort of their couch or bed in the middle of the night. 

However, I really have an issue with the water refilling. The water cap is on the base of the water tank. So during a refill, you have to remove the tank, turn it upside down to fill it up and all the while dripping water everywhere and then turn it back again before inserting it back to the humidifier.

As with most ultrasonic humidifiers, it is recommended that you use distilled water or filtered water instead of tap water. Tap water is considered hard water that contains traces of mineral deposits. When used in an ultrasonic humidifier, it releases white dust into the air which may be inhaled by the user. Also, hard water will cause rapid buildup of mineral deposits in the humidifier resulting in more frequent washes. And this is one heater which does require a fair bit of work when washing. There are multiple components which require cleaning and disinfection so each wash can take about 20 minutes if you are thorough. 

All in all, a nice sleek humidifier with numerous awesome features which does a great job in humidification. However, it does require a bit more work for maintenance.


  • Large coverage area
  • Dual mist function
  • Quiet – 35 dB
  • Long running time
  • Auto shutoff function
  • Aroma box for aromatherapy
  • Touchscreen LED display


  • Requires distilled or filtered water for best results
  • Refilling water is messy
  • Washing is somewhat tedious

What the fans love: “First, I love this humidifier. We have 4 different humidifiers in our home, and this one is by far our favorite. The settings are easily adjustable, no leaks, it’s stable, it’s quiet, no problems. And the customer service is great!”

Elechomes SH8820 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Best Top Fill Humidifier For Dry Eyes

Product Overview

  • Coverage area: 430 – 755 sq. ft. / 40 – 70 sq. m.
  • Water tank capacity: 1.5 gallons / 5.5 litre
  • Warm Mist output: 600ml/hour
  • Cool mist output: 300ml/hour
  • Running time: 24 hours
  • Dimensions: 10.4” x 7.2” x 12”
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs

The Elechomes SH8820 Ultrasonic humidifier is a dual mist humidifier that is able to put out either cool or warm mist depending on the homeowner’s needs. Designed for large rooms, it comes equipped with a 5.5 gallon water tank that can run for up to 40 hours (on low settings) for areas up to 755 sq. ft. 

In terms of ease of use, this humidifier has a thumb up from me. Water can be refilled from the top so you just need to open the lid and pour water in. A lot more convenient compared to bottom refilling models. During water refilling, the water tank is also easily accessible and users will be able to put their whole hand in for thorough cleaning and scrubbing. However, this unit does contain many small parts which can be challenging to clean thoroughly. It also comes with a remote control so you can adjust it from the comfort of your couch or bed if you need to make changes in the middle of the night. 

In terms of functionality, there is the option for cool mist or warm mist depending on your preference making this a very flexible humidifier. A safety tip is to ensure the unit is out of reach of pets or children when using the warm mist function. There is an inbuilt humidistat that allows users to determine their preferred humidity between 30% to 80% in intervals of 5%. If you are an aromatherapy enthusiast, you will be glad to know there is a port for your essential oils as well. For the parents, this humidifier has a child lock that prevents your young children from meddling with the controls. 

A nice feature that is not commonly seen in other humidifiers is the 360 degree nozzle that allows the user to direct the mist where they want it. Another feature that is not commonly seen in ultrasonic humidifiers is the use of filters. This effectively reduces the white dust that usually comes with ultrasonic humidifiers. Of course, this also means you will need to replace the filter on a regular basis to achieve the cleaning effect.

 As an ultrasonic humidifier, quietness should be one of the main selling points of this unit. When using the whisper sleep mode, this model is advertised to only register 20 – 32 dB of noise. However, it is actually much closer to 40 dB on testing and may not be suitable for rooms where quietness is crucial. However, if you are very sensitive to light during sleep, you will be glad to know that this humidifier has a screen-off setting to eliminate all lights from the unit. 


  • Large area coverage
  • 360 deg nozzle to direct mist
  • Dual mist function
  • Has filter to reduce white dust
  • Child lock 
  • Easy water refilling with top refill


  • Has small parts that are difficult to clean
  • Noisy during operation, especially when using the warm mist function

What the fans love: “It works so well and very quickly! It easily humidifies my living room and the neighboring bedrooms and bathroom. It has a nice large water tank and immediately begins spouting out steam as soon as it is turned on. I love the two swivel heads on top which allows me to choose which direction I want the steam to blast.”

Venta LW45 Airwasher Humidifier And Air Purifier

Best Humidifier with Air Purifier For Dry Eyes

Product Overview

  • Coverage area: 860 sq. ft. / 80 sq. m.
  • Water tank capacity: 2.6 gallons / 9.8 litre
  • Essential Oils Compatibility: No
  • Refilling: Top fill
  • Running time: 24 hours
  • Dimensions: 11.8” x 13” x 17.7”
  • Weight: 13 lbs

The Venta Airwasher is both a filter-free evaporative humidifier and filter-free air purifier, all in one lightweight unit. Featuring a 2.6 gallon water tank, the Venta LW45 is able to humidify dry room air while simultaneously purifying it in space up to 860 sq. ft. Using their disc technology, the Venta Airwasher is able to remove airborne pollutants down to 0.3 microns in size. For homeowners with asthma and allergies, this is an indispensable feature as the unit can remove dust, pollen and pet dander efficiently from the air. This effectively reduces most types of asthma/allergy triggers in the common household.

Besides being an air purifier, we should not forget that the main function of the Venta Airwasher is a humidifier. Using evaporative technology, it is able to keep the room humidity between 30% to 50% without any risk of over-humidifying the room. By keeping the room air moist, homeowners would also find it more comfortable on their nasal passages and airway. While not completely customizable like a unit with an inbuilt humidistat, homeowners can still choose the level of humidity by choosing between 3 fan settings. 

The Venta airwasher is also pretty user-friendly. It is a top fill humidifier that allows easy refilling of water into the water tank. While most humidifiers recommend the use of distilled water to prevent lime buildup or the discharge of white powder, Venta airwashers have no issues with using hard tap water. This is because they provide a conditioner to use every 7 days to prevent lime buildup. It also helps to keep the Airwasher clean and hygienic as well as improve the evaporation/humidification process by coating the Disc Stacks. Washing is also not difficult as you just need to rinse the parts under water to clean it up.

The one grip I have is the noisy fan at the highest fan setting. The noise level ranges from 24 dB to 45 dB. If used at the lowest setting, it is perfectly fine but when used at the highest fan setting, the noise level at 45 dB is the threshold at which it might disturb you and your family.

Another limitation is the higher price point of this unit compared to other humidifiers on this review. It might not be suitable for homeowners on a budget. However, if your budget allows, this is a fantastic combo unit that is well worth your buck. WIth good humidification and air purification feature, this unit is easy to use, easy to maintain and perfect for homeowners with asthma or allergies.


  • Purifies air down to 0.3 microns in size
  • Has conditioner that prevent lime buildup
  • Convenient. Able to use hard tap water
  • Easy to refill with top fill design
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • High price point
  • Not compatible with essential oils
  • Noisy fan

What their fans love: “No allergies- minimizes booger’s! We bought several of these for our whole house for wildfire season and they work great. Now we live in southern AZ and humidity levels can be 3%… the venta keeps all of us moist and breathing clean air. Great product. Once I tripped on the cord and customer service helped me fix it fast. Literally the best air purifier and humidifier ever – no water spots and it doesn’t get that humid. “

Dyson AM10 Humidifier

Best Quiet Humidifier For Dry Eyes

Product Overview

  • Coverage area: up to 200 sq. ft./ 18.5 sq. m
  • Water tank capacity: 0.8 gallons /4 litre
  • Running time: 12 hours
  • Essential oil compatibility: No
  • Dimensions: 8.7” x 9.4” x 22.8”
  • Weight: 7.5 lb

The Dyson AM10 is a dual function combo unit that can function both as a humidifier and a cooling fan depending on your needs. The humidification runs on ultrasonic technology and is whisper quiet during operation. As testament to its quiet operation, the Dyson AM10 has even achieved the Quiet Mark Certification which is an internationally recognized award for the quietest home appliances. 

It comes with a 0.8 gallon water tank that has the ability to humidify an average sized room of  about 200 sq. ft. for up to 12 hours continuously at the highest humidity setting. If  operated at the lowest humidity setting, it can run up to 48 hours between refills. Nonetheless, it will be sufficient for overnight use even at the highest humidity setting.

As with most Dyson products, there is a strong focus on user-friendliness. The Dyson AM10 comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the humidity level between 30% to 70% in intervals of 10%. If you are unsure what level to set it at, you can also delegate the task to the humidifier itself by choosing the auto mode which will select a humidity level it deems the most comfortable and ideal for your current climate. It is able to achieve this due to the Intelligent Climate Control system which measures both temperature and moisture in the ambient air. For those of us who do not have a clue, this is the most convenient option yet and frees up our mind for other more important affairs.

Other functionalities include a sleep timer that can be customized between 15mins and 9 hours for greater flexibility during sleep. The Dyson AM10 also comes with Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology  that is able to kill 99.9% of bacteria in the water by exposing every drop of water to UV light. With this, homeowners will have access to clean, healthy , fresh air in their homes. This makes it a great choice for baby’s room or even users with asthma and allergies. Say goodbye to nasty sinus congestion and persistent runny nose.

Now, what I do not like about this humidifier is that it is a bottom fill unit so refills are slightly more troublesome. The cleaning of this humidifier does require more work than a usual humidifier because there are quite a number of small parts to disassemble and clean. In order to make your life easier, do consider using distilled or filtered water rather than hard tap water to minimize the amount of scale buildup.


  • Dual function. Humidifier + Fan
  • Quiet
  • UV light technology which kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Inbuilt humidistat to control humidity levels
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Has a sleep timer


  • Bottom refill
  • Requires more time for maintenance 
  • High price point

What the fans love: “My 3 yr old is sensitive to dry air/pet dander and gets very congested so when we put our wood stove in we invested in the dyson humidifier. Within 4 days of use, his congestion completely cleared up. When we have the money, we will be buying another one for the other end of the house. Although expensive, it’s by far worth every penny and more.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the best place to put a humidifier?

A: Long story short.

  • Placement in the middle of the room leads to fast and even humidification
  • Keep humidifier 14 -17 feet (4-5m) away from walls and furniture
  • Place 3 feet (1 m) away from the bed 
  • Elevate the humidifier 2 feet off the ground
  • Keep the windows and doors shut when using the humidifier
  • Avoid running a humidifier and air purifier in the same room
  • Avoid placing humidifier in direct sunlight

If you like the full story, check out our guide on the best practices when positioning your humidifier!

Q: Should the humidifier run all night?

A: Yes it is perfectly fine to keep the humidifier running all night if you always find your self waking up with dry mouth and dry nasal passages. However, homeowners should be mindful to keep the humidifier well maintained if they wish to run it all night. 

  • Always ensure there is enough water in the unit for overnight usage. Running the unit without water may burn the circuit and damage the humidifier. Alternatively, get a model with automatic waterless shut off.
  • Clean the humidifier regularly and rid it of lime, mold and fungus. If not, these particles will be distributed into the air every night during your beauty sleep and harm your health
  • Use distilled or filtered water instead of hard tap water to reduce the amount of lime and scale buildup

Q: Do humidifiers kill airborne viruses?

A:  No. Humidifiers do not kill viruses per se. However, maintaining the indoor humidity levels between 40% to 60% will lower the survival rates of viruses. Viruses thrive in very dry (blow 20% relative humidity) or very moist conditions (above 80% relative humidity). Therefore, we always see an uptake of influenza during the winter seasons. The virus simply survives longer on surfaces and has more chances to infect people. By increasing the humidity with a humidifier, the virus does not survive as long.

Q: What happens if you do not change the humidifier filter?

A: There will be scale buildup in the filter and some filters may grow mold and fungus. These harmful materials may then get expelled into the air during the humidifier operation and cause diseases for the users.

Recap Of The Best Humidifiers For Dry Eyes

Warm Mist/Cool MistCoverage AreaInbuilt
Ease of cleaning
Taotronics TT-AH018Warm + Cool450 q. ft.YesEasy
Levoit LV600HHWarm + Cool753 sq. ft.YesModerate
Elechomes SH8820Warm + Cool755 sq. ft.YesModerate
Venta LW45 AirwasherCool860 sq. ft.NoEasy
Dyson AM10Cool 200 sq. ft.YesModerate
Best Humidifiers For Dry Eyes

Wrapping it up

Out of the 5 products we reviewed, the Taotronics warm and cool mist was our favorite steam humidifier. It strikes a good balance between functionalities, ease of use and noise level. With the ability to control the temperature of the mist, homeowners have with them an all-season humidifier that can work all year round. All in all, this humidifier gets the job done with minimal fuss and is a great deal for homeowners!

The Levoit LV600HH is a close second mainly due to the bottom fill feature that makes it slightly more difficult to refill water. However, the functionalities and features are great and would make a great humidifier.

Click here to get your humidifier now!

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