Best Micathermic Heaters 2020 – In depth, Unbiased Reviews

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Are you in search of that perfect space heater that can heat you up fast and also heat up the room evenly and rapidly? Well, I have good news for you. A micathermic heater may be able to do just that! It is true, micathermic heaters are a combination of convective and radiative heat and it combines the advantages of both heaters to provide both room and personal heating.

However, before you jump in and order your micathermic heater, there are still some considerations to understand so that you can choose the best micathermic heater to suit your needs. Our guide will show you exactly what to look out for.

Below you will find a list of three micathermic heaters from reputable international brands with their pros and cons clearly listed.

HeaterPowerSafety RatingPortabilityWarranty
Bionaire Micathermic Heater1500W (High)
750W (Low)
4/54.5/55 years
De’Longhi MicaThermic Heater1500W (High)
750W (Low)
4.25/54/51 year
TURBRO HR1015 Mica Heater1500W (High)
1000W (Low)
3.5/54.75/51 year
Comparison Of The Best Micathermic Heaters

You’ll also find a buyers’ guide where you can read our rationale when deciding how to rate these products, and hopefully you can use it yourself when making future purchases.

In a Hurry? This Is Our Winner!

Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater

Best Overall Micathermic Space Heater

The Bionaire MicaThermic Console Heater measures 21.5” x 6.35” x 25.5” and weighs 12.4 lbs. As the name suggests, it uses micathermic heating which is a combination of radiation and convection methods to deliver heat. There are two heat settings on this heater, HIgh (1500W) and Low (750W) and this gives you more flexibility when using this heater in different sized rooms. 

Using mica as it’s main heating element, this is a heater without a fan. Therefore, it is virtually silent while it is running. Occasionally, there may be a click sound when the thermostat starts running but it is barely noticeable. The thermostat is not digital and is just an adjustable knob which you can use to adjust your temperature. Nothing fanciful but works well.                          

Safety wise, this heater has tip over protection and overheating protection so it will automatically shut off in these situations. There is a safety grille to protect users against the heating element however the grille itself can get quite warm with prolonged use so it would be best to keep your pets and children away. It is not going to burn them per se but I would not take any chances.

This heater is relatively light and is pretty portable. The portability is also helped by having a carrying handle and two wheels. However, we do find that the height of this heater made the center of gravity a little too high and it tends to tip over more than other heaters. Perhaps I am just clumsier?

What really caught my attention though is the 5 years warranty that comes with this heater. This just goes to show how much confidence they have in this product. Not many heaters or even electrical appliances can boast such a long warranty period in this day and age. Therefore, even though the price point of this heater is the highest, I would still highly recommend it because it is true quality.


  • Silent operation as there is no fan
  • Good portability with handle and wheels
  • Inbuilt thermostat has multiple settings to customize heating needs
  • Sleek design which does not take up much space
  • Has tip over and overheat protection
  • 5 years warranty


  • Grille can get quite warm
  • Has a tendency to tip over

What their fans love: “Don’t let the small size fool you this heater produces a robust amount of heat. Brilliant design splits the surface area of the heating panels and angles them so they fit in a smaller unit. This one produces much more heat and has been more reliable then some of my other micathermic heater purchases which are wider and taller.”

Best Micathermic Heater Buyers’ Guide

How Does A Micathermic Heater Work?

To understand what micathermic heaters are and how they work, we will first need a quick recap of the different types of heaters. 

Convection Heater

Convection heater works by heating up the air around it via a heating element. The hot air rises and creates a vacuum for cool air to be sucked in and warmed by the heating element. This continued flow creates a circulation of warm air that helps to heat up the room. As such, convection heaters work best in closed spaces. It is worth noting that all convection heaters come with an in-built thermostat for regulation of ambient temperature. Given the proper conditions, convection hearts are one of the best indoor space heaters. In essence, convection heaters work within the framework of “Hot air rises and cold air sinks”.

The advantage of a convection heater is that they excel at heating up an entire room for an extended period of time.The main drawback is that it works slower than a radiant heater as air is a poor conductor of heat. 

Radiant Heater

Radiant heaters work by infrared radiation which travels out in waves to heat up the object in front of it. It does not heat up the surrounding air at all. If you have ever sat in front of a campfire, you have experienced radiant heat. Because radiant heat does not require any medium, it can heat up the object in front of it very rapidly. 

In contrast to convection heaters, they are poor at heating up large spaces as their beams tend to be more concentrated on the object ahead and they do not heat up the surrounding air. They are very good at zonal heating and they excel in spaces where people remain still (like the bedroom).

Besides being one of the best indoor heaters, they are also great outdoor space heaters because they are not affected by wind. For more information, visit our guide on the best radiant heaters for home use!

Micathermic Heaters

Micathermic heaters are a combination of convective heat and radiant heat. The heating element in micathermic heaters is a stone type material known as Mica, hence the name micathermic. When Mica is heated, it is able to produce electromagnetic waves that get emitted into the room. These electromagnetic waves then heat up the room similar to the infrared rays from radiant heaters. They are also known as far infrared rays (FIR).

However, unlike radiant heaters, Micathermic heaters heat all objects in a room at the same time. Because the objects in a room are heated at once, the air warms up quickly. This is also the reason why Micathermic heaters heat cold air without the use of a fan to blow heated air around the room.

To put it simply, micathermic heaters are infrared heaters on steroids.

Benefit Of Using A Micathermic Heater


A micathermic heater has no moving parts unlike a convection heater. Convection heaters commonly come with a built in fan to help blow air over the heating element and to deliver the warmed air into the work. The moving fan components result in noise that can go up to 50 dB in some models. However, micathermic heaters do not have any fans as their heating is accomplished through electromagnetic waves.

Without a fan, there is no noise generated and a micathermic heater is virtually silent during operation. Some homeowners even forget that it is turned on because it just does its work in complete silence without any complaints. They are great for bedrooms, study rooms and home offices because of this.

If you are easily annoyed by noise, we have something for you here at our guide for the best quiet space heaters!

Maintain Indoor Humidity

As mentioned in the point above, micathermic heaters do not require any fan to deliver warmed air into the room hence it does not generate any streams of moving air. Continuous moving air tends to remove moisture from the air and reduce indoor humidity. Ventilation is always welcome but not when it reduces the indoor humidity too much. Excessively low humidity can cause increased bacteria and virus growth and is not ideal for health. (Read our article to find out exactly how poor humidity can affect your health drastically!)

Therefore, micathermic heaters do not dry out the air and are a great option for homeowners who may be suffering from dry skin and dry eyes. 

effects of low humidity

Space Efficient

Micathermic heaters are commonly designed like a flat screen TV and its sleek design prevents it from taking up too much space in the house. Flat and compact, micathermic heaters can be easily slotted into a corner or close to a wall,  rarely getting in the way of anything. 

Some micathermic heaters even have the option of being wall mounted so homeowners can save even more space on their floors. Micathermic heaters are great for houses with limited space.

If you are living in a small space, this guide on electric wall heaters should help tremendously to save you some valuable real estate.

Portable And Lightweight

Micathermic heaters are generally very light and easily portable. Unlike heaters that may have heavy heating elements like oil or fuel, Mica is very light and not a lot is needed to build the heating element. Frequently, just several sheets are required and the weight is minimal. Therefore, micathermic heaters are rarely heavy and can be easily transported by anyone. It also helps that they usually come with castor wheels which allows the user to roll them around.

Rapid Heating

Micathermic heaters are combination heaters relying on both electromagnetic rays and radiant heat to generate warmth. At least 20 percent of the heat produced by a micathermic heater is radiant heat. With radiant heat, homeowners will be able to instantly feel the warmth produced by the heater while the electromagnetic rays emitted by the micathermic heater distributes the heat around.

Even Heat Distribution

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by Mica reaches all of the surrounding objects at the same time. This results in the surrounding objects all heating up at once and the room becoming warmer at a faster rate. The objects then heat up the surrounding air which distributes around the room and allows for better distribution of heat.

Consideration When Buying A Micathermic Heater

The Size Of Your Room

An important consideration when choosing your micathermic heater is the size of the room you want to heat up. It is crucial to size your heater properly so that you can maximize the heating capacity of the heater. For instance, you do not want to get a heater with a very high wattage for a small room. That would be overkill and not energy efficient. On the contrary, you also want to avoid getting a mini space heater if you want up a large living room. Most likely, you would end up disappointed as the small heater is just unable to heat up a large room. 

As a general rule of thumb, the ratio to consider is 10 Watts to 1 square foot of space. In theory, a 1500 Watts heater will be sufficient to heat up a room size of about 150 sq feet. When choosing your heater, do have a rough estimate of the room size you are heating up.

When we spoke about the power-space ratio in the previous paragraph, it was with the assumption that you have a ceiling height of about 8 feet. Therefore, for anything above 8 feet, the rule of 10 watt to 1 square foot does not apply. You would need to increase the wattage of your space heater an extra 25 percent for every 2 feet of extra ceiling space.

Room Insulation

If you live in a poorly insulated apartment or have a faulty window that lets in cold air, you will also need to factor in for greater wattage. Typically, an increase of 20% wattage would be a good place to start depending on how poor the insulation is. Alternatively, you can consider a second space heater in the same room.

If you want to find out how to effectively size your space heater, check out our FREE space heater sizing calculator here for a quick answer.


Safety is always one of the considerations when choosing space heaters. When choosing your micathermic space heater, ensure it has tip over and overheating protection so that it can shut itself off automatically when it is tipped over or has reached a certain temperature. If you have pets or children at home, then you need to ensure that the exterior of the heater has cool touch technology and won’t cause any accidental burns to your little ones.

Fortunately, most respectable brands now all have these features. On an additional note, it is always a good practice to look out safety certification from international approving bodies like these mentioned below

  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
  • ETL (Intertek Group)

Safety Tips When Using Space Heaters At Home

Home fires can be prevented as long as we follow some easy fire prevention tips. We looked through the guidelines suggested by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) and we have summarized them for your reference below.

  1. Keep your space heaters at least three feet away from anything that is flammable
  2. Use heaters only for their intended purposes i.e. they should not be used to dry wet laundry
  3. Get your heating system inspected by a qualified service personnel at least once a year
  4. Keep intake and output vents clean and clear of debris
  5. Install and maintain carbon monoxide alarms to avoid risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  6. Purchase space heaters that have the certification label of a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
  7. Inspect heaters for cracked or broken plugs or loose connections before each use.  If frayed, worn or damaged, do not use the heater.
  8. Place space heaters on level, flat surfaces, but never place on cabinets, tables or other furniture.
  9. Keep space heaters out of high traffic areas and doorways where they may pose a tripping hazard.
  10. Plug portable space heaters directly into an outlet; do not use an extension cord.
  11. Do not use a space heater in wet or damp areas unless it is specifically designed for use in wet locations such as bathrooms.
  12. Never leave a space heater unattended.  Turn it off when you leave the room or go to sleep.
  13. Never use a space heater or any appliance with a damaged cord


A thermostat is essentially a device that regulates the temperature in your room by switching heating or cooling devices on and off when a certain temperature is reached. 

Having it programmable or adjustable gives you great control over your desired temperature and you will be able to set these temperature thresholds according to your needs in different situations. 

For example, on a warmer day, you can set your thermostat lower so that your heater won’t be wasting energy by heating up the room to a temperature that is too hot for your liking. In the long run, this presents tremendous savings both in terms of energy and heating costs. 

Therefore, when purchasing your micathermic heater, it is important that it comes with an inbuilt thermostat that is accurate and allows precise customization. This allows it to be energy efficient and it will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Best Micathermic Heater Product review

De’Longhi MicaThermic Panel Heater

Best Safest Micathermic Space Heater

The De’Longhi MicaThermic Panel Heater measures 27 x 10 x 22” and weighs 15 lbs. It runs on 1500W power and has a 1 year warranty. As the name suggests, it uses micathermic heating which is a combination of radiation and convection methods to deliver heat. This heater has two heat settings, High (1500W) and Low (750W) which allows the user to customize their heater to the size of their room. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat knob for the homeowner to vary their desired temperature. 

With regards to its portability, the De’Longhi Micathermic Panel heater is the heaviest of the heaters in this review. However, it is still relatively portable thanks to the castor wheels that can be attached to it which allows easy rolling between rooms. The carrying handle also helped to make transportation easier and more convenient.

However, what made this micathermic heater stand out is the option of mounting it on the wall. For homeowners who have limited floor space, the ability to mount this on the wall frees up valuable real estate for other purposes. It also makes it much safer if you have children or pets at home as you can mount it out of their reach.

In terms of safety, there is tip over and overheating protection which allows the heater to shut off automatically in these situations. Although the surface of the heater looks like it may be very hot to touch, there is actually a safe grate on the surface of the heater which is safe for touch. It may get slightly warm but definitely would not burn you. One aspect that we wished could be improved is the somewhat flimsy caster wheels that makes it easy to tip over.


  • Safe for home with pets and children
  • Can be mounted or portable
  • Inbuilt thermostat has multiple settings to customize heating needs
  • Comes with tip over and overheat protection
  • 2 heat settings for different room sizes


  • Caster wheels are somewhat flimsy and can be easily tipped over
  • Only 1 year warranty
  • Heavy for a micathermic heater

What their fans love: “Last night the temperature dropped to 39 degrees, I had the unit turned on low and this morning it was still 68 degrees in my house. Which is just a perfect temperature for me. I highly recommend the purchase of this unit!” 

TURBRO Arcade HR1015 Electric Mica Heater

Best Portable Micathermic Space Heater

The TURBRO Arcade HR1015 micathermic heater measures 26.2” x 17.7” x 10.6” and weighs 8.2 lbs. It runs on 1500W and comes with a 1 year limited warranty. The heater can run on two heating settings, High (1500W) and Low (1000W), which allows the user some flexibility if they are using the heater in a smaller room. This results in improved energy efficiency and reduced heating bills. 

In addition to that, this heater comes with an adjustable thermostat which allows the homeowner to vary the temperature to their heating needs. However, the thermostat does not allow you to set a specific temperature but only allow you to set it with 3 different ranges (Low heating zone, Comfortable zone and High heating zone). This does include a little bit of guesswork at first but will not be a problem once you get used to the heater. 

In terms of portability, the heater is light and compact. It comes with 4 durable castor wheels and 2 handles. These features allow for easy transportation between rooms when required. We also appreciate that the setting up of this heater is extremely easy and it can be installed in minutes without any tools. This heater is our winner for the most portable micathermic heater

For safety, the heater comes with overheating protection and tip over protection. It has also achieved safety accreditation from ETL, CA and Intertek. In terms of the exterior, the knobs and controls are definitely cool and safe to touch. The side metal blades are comfortably warm at about 150 ℉ (65 ℃) while the top metal blades might become dangerously hot if operating on full power. You will need to be mindful if there are toddlers and pets home.

Some users have complained that there is a strong smell of burning plastic during usage but it actually only happens during the first use and dissipates after about 15 minutes of use. Also, please be assured that there is no actual plastic being toasted. The smell is from the moisture that has been absorbed by the Mica heating element. It is non toxic and will disappear after 15 minutes during the first use.


  • Silent operation as there is no fan
  • Good portability with handle and wheels
  • Has an inbuilt thermostat
  • Easy tool-free installation
  • Has tip over and overheat protection
  • Has a low wattage mode to save electricity when heating a smaller room


  • Top metal blades get hot if working  on full power
  • Only 1 year warranty

What their fans love: “This heater came well packaged. A little put together is needed. The heater is very light weight. moves well between carpet and hardwood floors. Heats up quickly as claims. Product is very sleek. Adds nice warmth to the room especially if you have a room that is cold.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which Is Better? Micathermic vs Oil Filled Heaters

A: Both are silent space heaters that can heat up a room evenly. A micathermic heater can do it much faster than an oil filled heater but an oil filled heater has better safety features compared to a micathermic heater. Therefore, there is no better or worse heater but more of what suits your needs more.

For more information on oil filled space heaters, visit our comprehensive oil filled radiator buyer’s guide here!

Q: Are Micathermic Heaters Energy Efficient?

A: Yes. Micathermic heaters are energy efficient. The heaters can heat up objects in the room at once and these objects can then heat up the ambient air faster. The warmed air can then continue to keep the room warm even after the heater is switched off.

If you are looking for an energy efficient model, be sure to check out our guide on the most energy efficient space heater!

Recap Of The Best Micathermic Space Heater

HeaterPowerSafety RatingPortabilityWarranty
Bionaire Micathermic Heater1500W (High)
750W (Low)
4/54.5/55 years
De’Longhi MicaThermic Heater1500W (High)
750W (Low)
4.25/54/51 year
TURBRO HR1015 Mica Heater1500W (High)
1000W (Low)
3.5/54.75/51 year
Comparison Of The Best Micathermic Heaters

Wrapping it up

Out of the 3 micathermic electric heaters we reviewed, I would go with the Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater as my favourite micathermic heater. It has a good balance of safety, heating efficiency and portability. Although the price point is the highest, it comes with an incredible 5 years warranty. That is a sign of confidence and pure quality. 

The De’Longhi micathermic is a very close second and I would recommend it if you have kids and pets at home. Mount it on a wall and you can rest easy knowing that it will be out of harm’s way. For those who value portability the most, go for the TURBRO HR1500. It is extremely lightweight and easy to transport. It is also very friendly on the wallet!

Click here to get your space heater for large drafty rooms now!

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